Connecting You With Your Dream Audience

Threems is what happens when you combine inspiring innovation, market-leading expertise, and bulletproof business sense. We can take your idea, fledgling brand, or up-and-running campaign, and turn it into a digital sensation that will have your ideal audience flocking to support you.

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Attract The Right People

For NGOs, relationships with stakeholders are where it all begins. Our strategists are experts in attracting and converting the right target audiences for your campaigns.

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Optimise Your Marketing

We can help you manage your resources to ensure the biggest return from every penny invested in your marketing strategy

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Troubleshoot & Solve Problems

As your specialist digital marketing consultants, we can support your in-house teams to find long-lasting solutions for those complex tracking or conversion issues.

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Start from scratch or fill in the gaps.

We help with both creating a new brand from scratch or improving an existing one through a comprehensive process including an audit of current assets and a strategic briefing.

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Participate in our Brand Development Workshop

Our Brand Development Workshop helps your business clarify your brand purpose, market positioning, audience personas, brand differentiators, brand character, and more.

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Get your whole team involved

Brand development is a collaborative process. Sales, marketing, customer service – every department sees your brand a little differently. We invite all relevant stakeholders to participate.

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Kick-Off Stage

On this stage, our experts translate your business requirements into technical documents for your web solution. We also gather the team, and its designer(s) create a basic design. This stage lays the foundation for the entire project.

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Development Stage

Our software engineers create your web solution. Threems uses the Scrum methodology, so you will review results every two weeks. Then, our experts perform User Acceptance Testing and deploy your web solution.

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Support Stage

After your web solution is released, we perform continuous server monitoring, allocate team members to fix bugs, and provide general customer support.

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Comprehensive PR Strategy Development

We work closely with you to understand your business goals and target audience, and develop a customized PR strategy that includes targeted media lists and compelling press materials.

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Targeted Media Relations and Influencer Outreach

We execute the PR plan through targeted media relations to secure placements that reach your desired audience and build brand awareness. We also identify and engage with key influencers in your industry to further build credibility through authentic partnerships.

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Reputation Protection and Damage Control

In the event of a crisis, we have a proven process for effectively managing and mitigating the impact on your brand reputation. Our team has experience in crisis communication and will work with you to protect your brand image and minimize damage.

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Determining Project

We assess your organization's language needs and requirements to determine the scope of the localization project, including the types of materials to be translated and the target languages.

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Accurate and Culturally Appropriate Content

We translate and localize your content, ensuring that it is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate for the target audience. We also consider the tone and style of the original content to ensure a smooth and natural read in the translated version.

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Thorough Review and Proofreading

We thoroughly review and proofread the translated content to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards and accurately conveys the intended message. This includes checking for errors, inconsistencies, and cultural appropriateness.

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